What is Divorce Coaching in New London, CT?

With the exception of suffering the loss of a loved one due to death, divorce may be one of the most painful life experiences one can endure.  Those going through the experience can benefit from seeking divorce coaching in New London, CT.  If you are considering, or are in the process of divorce, and need some guidance relating to the legal, financial, and emotional aspects of divorce, divorce coaching in New London, CT may be for you.

Divorce is more than just a legal procedure.  The process affects every aspect of a person’s life – financial, emotional and relational.  While a good divorce lawyer and accountant can assist you with the legal and financial side of your divorce, a divorce coach can provide you with guidance concerning emotional and relationship issues.  Specifically, divorce coaching can guide you if you need help:

  • coping with change
  • coping with emotions
  • taking care of immediate needs
  • making sound decisions
  • building a social support system
  • becoming a single parent
  • focusing on yourself
  • defining new goals
  • regaining your joy
  • embracing new possibilities
  • beginning to date
  • creating a new relationship with your ex
  • managing family conflict

Fortunately, there is life after divorce.  However, healing cannot be left to chance.  It is up to you to find an effective way of dealing with your emotions and making good decisions that will positively influence your future after a divorce.  A competent and experienced divorce coach can function as a helpful sounding board for examining your fears and stumbling blocks that could keep you from moving forward.  Divorce coaching can help you gain the clarity and confidence to move beyond the pain and problems of the past, so you can have a better and brighter future.  While divorce may involve an ending, divorce coaching can help you plan and achieve a new beginning.