Essential Steps to Moving On After Divorce in New London CT

There are those who say that dealing with a divorce can be more emotionally tumultuous than dealing with a death, mainly because a death allows the grieving person to put the deceased person on a pedestal and to convince themselves that the deceased person didn’t intend to leave.  Moving on after divorce in New London Connecticut can be harder to achieve since there are generally additional feelings of regret and abandonment involved.  If you are wondering what steps you should take towards moving on after divorce in New London Connecticut, you should start by asking yourself a series of questions.

When dealing with a divorce, many people find themselves caught in an endless loop of statements: statements of blame towards the other person; statements expressing guilt or a sense of regret; or even statements that re-enact particularly difficult conversations.  Instead of reliving the same set of statements, try asking yourself questions and you may find that you can shine a new light on your divorce.

First, ask yourself what really happened.  When you put aside the blame and the drama, it can be helpful to state in basic and emotionless terms what really transpired regarding your relationship and ultimately divorce.  Next, ask yourself what you miss the most about your relationship, and also what you miss the least.  These questions can help you to put your relationship in perspective, since many people tend to either view their marriage with rose colored glasses, or to pretend that every moment of married life was terrible.  In actuality, every marriage – whether it ends in divorce or not – contains both positive and negative aspects, and can be helpful to honestly appraise your marriage without laying blame or being caught up in the drama of your story.