Stop Squabbling With Your Siblings Over Your Aging Parent

Stop Squabbling With Your Siblings Over Your Aging Parent

Privately come to an agreement with elder mediation in Old Saybrook, CT

When your parent is facing a major life transition, and you and your sibling aren't seeing eye-to-eye, get help from Christina P. Burnham. Burnham is well-versed in elder mediation and will help you express your concerns in a comfortable and confidential setting.

She is your smart choice when you and your siblings are making decisions about:

  • Wills/Estates
  • Real estate transactions
  • Health/Safety concerns
  • Caregiving responsibilities

Burnham will help you sit down with your loved ones and turn conflicts into a solution that's accepted by all parties. Schedule a consultation with Christina P. Burnham now by calling 860-391-0532.

Tired of arguing with no resolution? Call Burnham immediately.

Instead of going at each other's throats and fighting with no conclusion, count on Christina P. Burnham in Old Saybrook, CT, for help.

In addition to elder mediation, Burnham is a mediator for divorce and child custody, and also a life coach. Get the help you've been looking for from a specialist you can trust - call 860-391-0532 for an appointment.