Divorce Doesn't Have to Involve a Nasty Courtroom Battle

Divorce Doesn't Have to Involve a Nasty Courtroom Battle

Mediation services in Old Saybrook, Connecticut

Just because you no longer wish to be with your former partner, that doesn’t mean you need to have a lengthy and emotionally draining divorce. Christina P. Burnham in Old Saybrook, CT, will help you sit down and come to a solution you and your former partner can agree on.

Trust Burnham to:
  • Provide all the paperwork needed to file for divorce
  • Work with already divorced clients to help with additional agreements
  • Assist with child custody plans

Don’t fight over your differences in a complicated legal battle. Find a civil resolution with help from Christina P. Burnham. Call 860-391-0532 for an appointment.

Hash out a custody agreement without a judge's help

When you go through the courtroom, you're letting a judge who doesn't know your family make decisions for your family. Avoid letting that happen with divorce mediation from Christina P. Burnham in Old Saybrook.

Besides divorce mediation, Burnham is also well-versed in life coaching and elder mediation. Schedule a consultation as soon as possible.