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Christina P. Burnham | Certified Life Coach Since 2007

There are many misconceptions regarding the art of life coaching. Some people believe it is consulting while others perceive it as therapy. Rather, Life Coaching is the practice of helping individuals improve their state of living by achieving specific personal or business goals through customized solutions.

Certified Life Coach, Christina P. Burnham will give you the tools, structure and feedback needed to help you stay on track to ensure lasting change and promote constant growth. Through the process of coaching you will deepen your understanding and enhance the quality of your life whether the focus is on your career or personal successes.

Searching for a Solution Outside of the Courtroom?

Sit down with a knowledgeable mediator in Old Saybrook, CT

You need to hash out a disagreement, but you don’t want to go through the complicated and arduous legal process. Entering the courtroom always raises the risk of unfavorable outcomes and emotional turmoil.

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Burnham goes above and beyond other legal advocates

After being admitted to the bar in 1994 and specializing in alternative dispute resolution for over a decade, Burnham continues to showcase a passion for helping Old Saybrook residents find a resolution.

Christina P. Burnham isn’t just a lawyer. She has helped numerous families mediate complicated custody battles. She has also helped siblings reach an agreement in regard to their aging parent.

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You’ll have the opportunity to sit down with the opposing party and work out your differences in a comfortable, confidential setting. Get in touch with Christina P. Burnham in Old Saybrook as soon as possible.

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When you put your divorce, child custody or other case in front of a judge, you’re giving them all the power to make decisions for your family. Don’t put your parental or spousal rights on the line.

Let Christina P. Burnham in Old Saybrook help you reach an agreement you and your former partner will be happy with.

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